We sell a variety of goods at our various auctions to the highest bidder. We sell on behalf of deceased or insolvent estates, financial institutions, storage facilities, businesses who wish to liquidate stock as well as individuals who have something they would like to sell. The following auctions take place regularly:

Motor Vehicle Auctions:
We are the first auctioneer to offer regular motor vehicle auctions at our new premises in Foundry Road, George. This offers sellers the opportunity to sell their cars to the highest bidder, often obtaining a better price that they would get for a trade-in. It also offers buyers the opportunity to buy a second hand car, usually at a lower price than buying from a dealer.
These auctions are the ideal place to buy or sell a car, bakkie, motorbike, trailer, caravan, boat, truck, etc.

Great Brak River:
Our Great Brak River auction has been established over the last two decades. We have an auction at our premises in Charles Street, Great Brak River, every first Saturday of the month, with extra auctions being added in December.

Being a well established auction, our main focus is on Antiques, Art, Porcelain, Brass & Copperware, Crystalware, Fine Solid Indigenous Wooden Furniture and collectibles, although we regularly sell some good quality used household furniture and appliances, hand, power and garden tools and building materials at these auctions as well.

We offer fortnightly auctions at our new premises at 3 Foundry Road, George Industrial. At these auctions our main focus is on good used household furniture and appliances, vehicles, kitchenware and a wide variety of smalls. Building materials such as doors and window frames, hand, garden & power tools and garden furniture are also frequently sold at these auctions. We also offer regular industrial auctions at this site, where Industrial & Engineering Machinery and Equipment, Bulk Building Materials, Catering Equipment, etc. are sold to the highest bidder.

The latest addition to our regular auctions, is the monthly Antique & Household auction at our new premises at 11 Uil Street, Knysna Industrial Area.

Special Auctions:
Special auctions, where we auction off excess stock for a specific client at their premises, take place regularly. We are available to do auctions for our clients all over the Western and Eastern Cape, and may even consider doing it elsewhere in South Africa. Contact us if you are interested in using our services for this purpose.

If you would like to liquidate some stock but are afraid that you don’t have enough to justify a special auction, it could be arranged that your stock be sold during one of our other auctions.

What do we sell on auction?
We literally sell anything! From plastic kitchenware, to motor cars, to real estate, Traders Auctioneers will sell it on auction for you. Art, Collectibles, Antiques, Furniture. Porcelain, Kitchenware, Tools, Machinery, Brass & Copper ware, Cottage Furniture, Household Appliances like Television Sets, Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Fridges, Vacuum Cleaners. You name it, we’ll sell it.


Traders Auctioneers offer the following services to our clients:


Stock Liquidation: We will sell anything you want us to sell to the highest bidder and, in the process, put “cash in your pocket” so to speak. We can sell your goods at one of our regular auctions, or offer a special auction at our own premises or at yours.

Valuation: If you are interested in selling your goods on auction, we could have a look and give you an approximation of the price it might fetch on an auction. These prices can not be guaranteed, but with more than 30 years’ experience in the industry we are able to give you a good indication.

Transport: If you have a lot to sell, or have large, high value goods to sell, we could offer a transportation service to our auction site. This service is available free of charge to customers in the Eden district of the Western Cape.

Statements and Pay-outs: Statements indicating the items that were sold and the prices they were sold for, are available the day after the auction. Pay-outs usually take place within 3 to 4 working days after the auction.


Commission Bids: If you really want to buy something on one of our auctions, but will not be able to attend, you could put in a commission bid. This works as follows: You provide us with a maximum bid before the auction starts, and we will bid for you, up to the maximum bid you have provided. After the auction, we will contact anyone whose bids have been successfull. To arrange for a commission bid, please phone Wayne on 082 487 0289, no later than 09:00 on the day of the auction.

Email bids: You can email your commission bids to us at, or by using the contact us page on this website, but please note that email bids close at 16:00 the day before the auction. No emails received after 16:00 the day before the auction would be considered. If you want to make sure that your commission bid reaches us, rather phone Wayne on 082 487 0289.

Telephone Bids: Buyers who can not attend an auction, but are interested in high value items, can request a telephone bid. This means that you will be able to bid by telephone while the auction takes place. Our agent on the auction floor will submit live bids on your behalf. You will know immediately whether you won the bid or not.

Transport: Traders Auctioneers do not offer transport for buyers to their premises. However, we have contact with a reliable contractor who can transport your goods in the vicinity at very reasonable prices. Transport can also be arranged nationwide at very reasonable prices. However, all transport costs are the buyer’s responsibility. We use external contractors, so Traders Auctioneers can not accept responsibility for the goods once it leaves our premises.

Email bids: 
Phone: 071 658 7213
Wayne: 082 487 0289




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