1. Can I place a bid on the internet?

No. Traders Auctioneers is not an internet-based auction. We are auctioneers with a website. Commission bids and telephonic bids could be arranged if you are unable to attend the auction.

2. How do your auctions work?

All our auctions happen live at an auction site. You bid on a lot you are interested in. Listen carefully to the auctioneer, as he will indicate the price at that stage. If your bid is the last one, you win the item at the last price given by the auctioneer.

3. Can anyone buy from your auctions?

Yes. Most of our auctions are public auctions, which means that anyone who registered with their identity document and proof of residential address may buy at the auction, even if you also sell goods at the same auction.

4. Can I change my mind after winning a lot on an auction?

No. Considering the fact that others have been competing against you for that item, it is not fair for you to decide you no longer want it. Also consider that you are contractually bound to purchase the item at the price given by the auctioneer.

5. How much buyer’s commission do I pay?

Traders auctioneers charge a 10% buyer’s commission, to be added to your winning bid amount.. This means that, should you win a lot at a price of, for example R100.00, you will be charged R110.00 for that.

6. Does the price I bid include or exclude VAT?

Traders Auctioneers is not registered for VAT. No VAT will be charged on any sales, just the 10% buyer’s commission. (see question 4)

7. When can I collect the goods?

Once your payment has been received, you can collect the goods immediately. We are also available at the auction site the day following the auction or, in the case of Saturday auctions, on the Monday, until 12:00. Should you not be able to remove the goods you’ve bought in that time, special arrangements will have to be made.

8. What are your payment terms?

Payment must be done on the day of the auction. This can be done in cash, by cash cheque or EFT.

9. Can I pay using my debit or credit card?

Unfortunately we do not have card facilities. We do accept payment by cash, cheque or EFT.

10. Could we use your computer to do an EFT?

At most of our auction sites, we do not have an internet connection available. The computer is also used for administrative purposes during and after the auction, so we will not be able to make it available to you. However, you can do your EFT’s at home and fax or email the proof to us.

11. Can I make an offer to buy something out of hand before the auction?

Traders Auctioneers is an auctioneer, not a second hand store. We sell goods on auction, not out of hand. No offers can be considered before the auction, but you could put in a commission bid!

12. If an item did not sell during the auction, can I make an offer to buy it afterwards?

Traders Auctioneers is an auctioneer, not a second hand store. We sell goods on auction, not out of hand. If you missed the item you were looking for, we suggest that you come back at the next auction. In some cases, the auctioneer might consider a late offer, but would then have to confirm it with the seller first.

13. What do I do if I can not attend an auction?

You can place a commission bid, email bid or arrange for a telephonic bid. The procedure for these bids are discussed on the “Our Services” page on this website.

14. What must I do before I can start bidding?

All buyers must first complete a registration form, after which you will receive a number to use during the auction. Law requires us to keep a copy of every buyer’s identity document and proof of residential address, so please bring these along.

15. Do I need to register at every auction?

Yes, you will need to complete our registration document before the start of every auction to get a new number. Once we have a copy of your ID and proof of residential address, you do not need to provide us with this again, though.

16. If I buy something on auction and later find it is broken, can I have a refund?

All goods are sold “as is”, which means that you can not return broken goods for a refund. However, if we sell electronic goods as working, you may test and return the item to us within 2 days for a refund. We have to limit the time you have to 2 days because we have to make payments to our sellers, and can not refund you for something we already paid out to the seller.

17. Can I inspect the goods before hand?

Yes. Viewing of auction goods is from 13:00 to 17:00 the day before the auction, and from 08:00 on the day of the auction.

18. If the auctioneer sells a large lot of identical items at a price “each”, could I buy only a specific number of theses?

No. If the goods have the same lot number, you bid on all of the items in the lot. The price “each” means that you would pay the bid amount x the number of units in the lot. Example: 6 Chairs, lot no. 75 are sold for R150 each. The buyer who won the bid, have to buy all 6 chairs, at a price of R150 each, i.e. R900.00. (R150.00 x 6)


19. Can I sell goods on one of your auctions?

Yes. We accept goods from anyone who would like to sell. However, not everything you have to sell may necessarily be of value to our buyers. We will be able to advise you on the sell ability of your goods.

20. Can I put up a reserve price?

We do not normally accept goods with reserve prices, but can advise you on prices we estimate your items might reach on our auctions. If the reserve price you put on your items are not unreasonably high, we will accept it. However, if we know that there is no chance of reaching the price you want for your item, we will not accept it onto one of our auctions.

21. Do you charge commission on my sales?

Yes. Our standard seller’s commission is 15%. This means that 15% of your total sales will be deducted before payment is made to you.

22. How do I put my goods up for auction?

You can deliver the goods you would like to put on auction at our offices at 3 Foundry Road, George Industia. We are open weekdays from 7:30 to 17:00 (excl. public holidays). One of our friendly staff members will take your goods in and hand over a goods received note as proof of the goods you have handed in on auction.

23. If I can not deliver the goods to you, can you collect it?

Transportation of large quantities of goods or large, high value goods, can be arranged. This is usually done free of charge within the Eden district of the Western Cape. Phone us to make arrangements.

24. When will I receive my money?

Money owed to our sellers are usually paid out to them within 3 days of the auction, although this depends on weekends/public holidays.

25. What happens if my goods do not get sold on an auction?

Goods not sold on a specific auction are usually held over for another auction. However, as the seller, you are more than welcome to remove the item(s) after the auction and sell it using another auctioneer or different method.

26. How would I know what prices the items I placed on auction went for and what did not sell?

We can produce seller statements once our auction reconciliation has been completed, usually the day after the auction. This will give you a lay out of the prices items fetched at the auction. It also indicates goods not sold on the auction as “R0.00”. However, the list might not be a complete list of everything you handed in for auction, as some of the items you handed in might not have been on this specific auction.

27. How do I know I can trust you not to run away with my goods?

Traders Auctioneers have been in business for more than 35 years, and have been auctioning from our premises in Great Brak River for more than 18 years. We have had many happy customers, both buyers and sellers, over the years and have built a reputation as a reputable auctioneer in the Garden Route.

28. May I buy goods on an auction where I also sell goods?

Yes. Anyone who registers as a buyer with their identity document and proof of residential address, may buy goods on the auction, even if they also sell goods at the auction.

29. How can I be sure that the items I hand in for auctioning will not get lost among all the goods you sell?

Our fully computerised system keeps track of every item from the moment in enters our premises until it leaves again. This way we will always be able to tell you exactly what has been sold and what we still have in stock. It also ensures prompt payouts to our sellers.

30. Can I trust your advice?

With more that 35 years’ experience in the auctioneering industry, we have established ourselves as the premier antiques auctioneer in the Southern Cape. We know our buyers and know which items should be sold on which auctions. We have a long list of exclusive customers using our services regularly and trusting our judgement.

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